Pictures of the UNKNOWN!
Can YOU identify any of these people?

All pictures were taken in Sacramento, Calif. The 1st picture is said to be "Barn HEIRT", who is he?; the 4th is said to be a NY cousin.

#5 could be Sacramento, it is a tin type; #6 was taken in Kansas City, MO.

These three pictures are from Helena Nicolaus' photo album: #1 unknowns, taken circa 1918; #2 far right Helena, taken 12 Feb. 1919; #3 circa 1919.

1918 Feb 12 1919
House of the UNKNOWN babies!

Can YOU identify any of these kids? All pictures were taken in Sacramento. The last one is said to be Otto HARMSON.

The CDV Photo Album of "Mrs. Harmson" aka Philippina DEXHEIMER

The photos are from the 1850's to 1895 when Phillipina died.
The back of the 1st photo says "Bertha". 2nd nothing. 3rd H. Buchwald Photographisches Atelier Buchbinderei Birnbaum. 4th nothing. 5th ? & ? Heintse . 6th H. Engelmann Atelier fur Photographie Posen Wilhelmsstrasse 10, H. Engelmann Zaktad Fortograficzny Wpoznaniu IL Wilhelmowska 10. 7th 4 year old Agnes Hartung, Niebergall's Photograph Gallery No. 5 North Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois. 8th German that is hard to read, taken the same place as the Heintse children photo (same back-ground). 9th Tower Gallery 244 J Street, Sacramento, A. P. Baily, Proprieter, Portraits andviews taken in every style, and warranted to give satisfaction, Copying and retouching a specialty. 10th Silas Selleck 415 Montgomery Street, next Wells Fargo & Co., San Francisco. 11th Asher, 810 J Street, Sacramento, Cal. 12th Wilson's Photograph Gallery, No. 825 Spring Garden St. 13th A. Hesler, Artist, No. 113 Lake Street, Chicago. 14th Photogratelier von H. Engelmann Posen Wilhelm-Str. 10. 15th Yosemite Art Gallery, I. W. Taber and T. H. Boyd 26 Momtg. St. San Francisco CAL. J. W. Taber & Co. 16th Photographic Artist P. H. Rupy, 13 Avenue A. N. Y. 17th Arnold O. Friend, Photographer, McCamly's Building , Folsom, Cal. 18th ?? Heintse (same back ground as the Heintse children photo)Photographisches Ateier von H? Baermann, Mesteritz.

PDHpb 02 Bertha PDHpb 03 PDHpb 04 PDHpb 06 PDHpb 09 Heintse kids PDHpb 10 PDHpb 11 Agnes Hartung PDHpb 12 PDHpb 13 Sacto
PDHpb 14 PDHpb 15 Sacto PDHpb 16 PDHpb 17 PDHpb 18 PDHpb 19 SF PDHpb 20 NY PDHpb 23 Folsom CA PDHpb 24
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